-There is a renewable-energy resource that is perfectly clean, remarkably cheap, surprisingly abundant and immediately available.

-It has potential to reduce the carbon emissions that threaten our planet, our dependency on oil imports that -threaten our economy, and energy costs that threaten our wallets.

-It does not pollute, does not depend on weather, does not inflate prices and does not take a decade to build.

This miracle resource is better known across the world by the distinctively boring name of “Energy Efficiency”. It turns out that it is much less expensive, less destructive and less time-intensive to reduce demand through efficiency than to increase supply through new drilling or new power plants.

Energy Efficiency is appropriately considered today as the 5th Fuel to serve our increasing energy requirement.

Energy efficiency has today become the largest energy source. It is bigger than OIL, and much bigger than WIND, SOLAR, HYDROELECTRIC POWER & BIO-FUELS combined.

The utilization of this “5th Fuel” is green, possible and profitable.

As they say, a penny saved is penny earned, in power context, it is well know fact that a unit (of electricity i.e. KWh) saved is equivalent to 2.5 to 3 units generated.

"DO NOT Estimate when you can calculate”

“DO NOT Calculate when you can Measure”



“narnix negawatt”, the Energy Efficient Division of Narnix Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. (one of the pioneer Design & Technology Consulting organization in Electronics & ICT since 1981)...

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Up to 43% of global energy consumption is going to waste
as a result of inefficient equipment and business practices.
Without a reliable and accurate... 

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